The Lava Pool – I’m Dreaming Of A Dark Christmas


For those that missed the episode from Christmas, we are in a new season of The Lava Pool! This episode, DrFidget grabs Blitz, BadIntent, DTrain, and Cybertron to peer into the upcoming void that is 2016.

Here’s the download link for this weeks show if you don’t already have it:

0:00:20 What is the best Christmas song?
0:02:55 New CP Bars
0:04:40 More players in worlds.
0:08:20 X-2 Cuts
0:15:20 Normal Rules
0:23:37 Dark Void
0:37:12 Metagame, what’s good?
0:50:47 Where to practice
0:53:22 International Challenges?
0:55:00 Will there be a new C.H.A.L.K.?
0:57:09 Crobat, Liepard, Tornadus?
1:00:51 What will Regionals be like?
1:05:20 Outro

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