M108 VGC Practice Tourney Finals – Lithium Acid vs JTK


This is the final match of the Team Magma VGC practice tournament that took place on August 3rd, 2014. Battles were held in compliance with VGC ’14 rules, and the tournament was handled in LCQ format (single elimination, best two of three for every match).

The finalists were:

Gabby “JTK” Snyder: Venusaur/Salamence/Azumarill/Aegislash/R­otom-H/Garchomp

Adit “Lithium Acid” Selvaraj

Commentary by JTK.

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(Edit: JTK mentions on stream that Freeze as a 25% chance of healing each turn, but it is actually 20%. We apologize for the error.)


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