We have a number of events that happen on our IRC channel (synIRC #teammagma), so be sure to check us out over there. People are always on in the evenings, so it’s also a good way to make friends in the Magma community.

Be sure to come on Saturdays for VGC practice tournaments, 1:15 p.m. PST/10:15 a.m. EST. Each week, we hold a small tournament composed of the latest VGC rules. The finalists will appear on our YouTube channel!  (Capture card is currently broken so we are unable to record finals – sorry! This will be fixed later.)


How to log on to IRC

You’ll need an IRC client, first and foremost. We recommend, as it’s free and really easy to use. From the main page, click the “chat now” button at the bottom, under the youtube tutorial, then fill in the appropriate information: SynIRC [webirc]for the server, and #teammagma for the channel. When you log in, it should look like the picture below:




Make sure that the server is SynIRC (webirc) and the channel is #teammagma. Also, don’t forget the # symbol, otherwise it might take you somewhere else.

Once you’re in, you can register your nickname so that only you can use it. From there, just chat and make friends – but make sure you’re following the standard rules for etiquette on forums/IRC when there!

If you have any trouble getting online, send a message to Chalkey on the forums.