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Rules and Regulations for Team Magma Forums and IRC

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Posted 27 June 2010 - 05:39 PM

When communicating on Team Magma forums, please keep the following rules in mind:


1. Don't be dicks. Every other rule can be summarized in this simple, three word guide to life. Live by this rule.


2. Proper grammar and punctuation are encouraged. Posts that are primarily "LOLSDFHSSDLKFJEWTF" will not be tolerated. Frequent insults to your/our intelligence might cause infraction.


3. Try to post within the topic of most relevance. As we become more popular, we'll expand the forum to make more specifics, but for now just do your best. We want the information and discussion here to be as relevant and accessible as possible.


4. While I won't go as far as to ban cursing, let's try to keep this relatively family friendly. It would be a shame to lose some potential pokemon masters over something silly like not being a family appropriate website. Use discretion here - again, cursing won't be banned, but anything derogatory towards a certain religion, race, orientation etc will not be tolerated.


5. Junior modding is not tolerated here. In other words, posts like "this post should be locked" or "mods please ban this guy" are unnecessary and just waste space. Don't make our job harder by trying to do it for us.


6. Personal attacks on other people within or outside our forums will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to verbal abuse directed at the person, as well as slander when the person is not around and conspiring any negative actions against the person for later. This also includes publicly revealing someone's private information without their knowledge or consent. Team Magma is a safe environment - let's keep it that way.


7. Hate speech and derogatory words or phrases - even when intended satirically, sarcastically, or comically - will absolutely not be tolerated and could result in a ban. Try to remember that even if you don't mean it to be offensive or hurtful there could still be someone who is offended or hurt.


8. Personal attacks on other forums will not be tolerated. Friendly rivalries are okay, but we are not here to stick it to someone else. Blatant attacks on forums such as Serebii, Smogon, Skarmbliss, Nuggetbridge, etc will lead to infraction. Let's try to get along, okay?


9. Sometimes during tournaments luck happens. Sometimes we don't do as well as we want. That's fine - we're playing pokemon, and that's something that will inevitably hurt us all. The occasional outburst of frustration is fine, but keep it to a minimum (good rule of thumb: if people are telling you to stop, you should probably stop). Repeated offenses will be taken seriously and could result in a ban.


9 1/2. Furthermore, try to avoid unnecessary immature control of the chat. As a good rule of thumb: if your complaining or fishing for pokemon from people is clogging the feed and dominating the conversation to the point of disturbing others, you are taking it too far. If you are warned about this and continue to do it, you accept the possibility of being banned.


10. False friendships (namely, ones either solely existing to troll another player or person or ones solely existing to use the person for personal gain) are strongly discouraged. Obviously we can't stop this one from happening, but if it's really apparent that this is happening or if you're bragging about it later chances are we'll have a word with you.

Remember, when you are here, you represent Team Magma. There's both a pride and a responsibility that should come with that.

It is the Administrator/Moderator's final decision on whether a rule has been broken. Arguments can politely be taken up with an Administrator.

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