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Pokemon Y In-Game Team

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Posted 11 December 2015 - 11:42 AM

I have ordered my copy of Pokemon Y, but didn't create an in-game team yet.

I am considering taking Froakie and Charmander as the 2 starters

I have a couple teams in mind...

Greninja Charizard Lucario Dragalge Gogoat Snorlax

Greninja Charizard Aegislash Toxicroak Garchomp Gogoat

Greninja Charizard Aegislash Goodra Victreebel Mienshao

So I have a couple teams like that in mind but I think you guys can help me create my dream team.


1. Must have Water, Fire, Grass, Dragon, Poison, Steel, and Fighting in the team

2. 3 Physical attackers, 3 Special attackers

3. All evolutions must happen before level 51, so no T-Tars

4. No more than 2 God-Tier pokemon for ingame. Want to make this a challenge

5. All pokemon must be able to be captured before 6th gym

6. 1-2 Mega evolutions

7. Every pokemon must have at least 1 stat that exceeds the value 120. Mega evolutions count

8. At least 3 Kalos pokemon. I want a new experience

9. No egg moves

10. Finally, all Mega evolutions must be available before Elite Four.

Thanks in advance!

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