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Monotype Normal vs Monotype Poison

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Posted 22 October 2015 - 05:17 PM

Hello, I've registered as I am seeking advice to build a Monotype Normal team set to fight against a friend's Monotype Poison team with a total base stat limit of 2,200 or lower in our XY games. As the normal monotype, I am forced to have a Zangoose whilst my friend, a Seviper, and we have banned legendary pokemon as well as mega evolutions; they seem to really hate Mega Kangaskhan lol. Otherwise no bans on anything else. Could anyone suggest pokemon that would prove useful in such a fight? As mentioned I would have a Zangoose as a mandatory pokemon, probably with toxic boost as to amp up his attack. I have put some thought into this and will list some pokemon that I think (and may be dead-wrong about) are useful.


1) I have been thinking of using an Eviolite Chansey for the aromatherapy as well as the wish passing; though I think it kinda goes badly with Zangoose as he should be poisoned and switching out frequently. Would a Miltank fare better, or should I just not bother with a Cleric/Special Wall?


2) Ursaring was another option I thought would be nice to have with its inane attack stat coupled alongside with his guts; he has terrible speed so he wouldn't be sweeping much of anything, but then there's this next guy.


3) Smeargle as a lead with setting up spore, stealth rock, spikes, and sticky web to help out Ursaring move a tiny bit faster.


4) Cinccino with a King's Rock alongside with its Skill Link ability; should provide much frustration, which will inevitably be hilarious.


S'all I could think of for potentially members of the team, I hope this helps out in aiding me build a team~


Thank you for reading uwu

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