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#2539 Bat Out if Hell II: Ft Wayne Masters 7th Place Team Analysis

Posted by Dr Fidget on 18 October 2012 - 05:22 PM

Hi I’m Sam (Dr Fidget) Haarsma. You may remember me from such vgc related media as The Lava Pool podcast, and the documentary Hoothoot: The Face of Evil. Today I’m here to talk to you about my Ft Wayne team.

Team Building

When I’m building teams during the off-season I build them to test things first, and win second. This whole team was built to continue testing the move Screech. I had been fiddling with the Drop and Pop (using defence dropping moves allowing sweepers to take out pokémon without investing as heavily in offence) format for a few months testing out moves like Acid Spray, Tickle, and Screech using abusers like Tentacruel, Arbok, and Ninjask.

Immediately prior to this team I had built a team named Bat Out of Hell based around Ninjask and Dugtrio and some other fast mons. I thought, if I could have any kind of success with Screech+EQ with as weak and frail pokémon as Ninjask and Dugtrio then swapping them out for more well rounded pokémon would be fantastic. It worked so I began putting together Bat Out of Hell II, to continue Screech testing. The original plan was to use Crobat and Garchomp, but after two different attempts at building the team ended with special Emboar in the last slot I decided to start again without Garchomp.

Eventually I decided on Mamoswine as my Earthquake user and that reminded me of a team I had built in January on a dare from Chalkey. He wanted to see if I could make a competitive team out of his favorite Pokémon (Blastoise, Crobat, and Umbreon) so I gave it a shot using Mamoswine, Rotom-C, and Gengar as the other half of the team. You can see how that went here:

But anyway, I decided using Blastoise on here wouldn’t hurt the team at all, and if it went well I could offer the team to Chalkey for regionals since I couldn’t go.

After getting an early draft of this team done and seeing the final line up being Crobat, Blastoise, Mamoswine, Houndoom, Virizion, and Cofagrigus I was about to scrap it before I put any time into items, moves, and EVs. But first I put on some filler sets and had a battle with Dimsun to see if it was worth pushing forward. I won, with a little hax I believe, but still wanted to scrap it. Dimsun talked me into sticking with it so I put in the effort and finished it and started playing on GBU under the name MeatLof, with the greeting “I can do anything for LUVDISC.”  Screech tested well on there and the team was doing far better than I expected.

Now when I found out last minute I was going to regionals, I decided to use this team as it was the only team I had recent practice with. Obviously, since I now needed the team to win games and not test moves, the first thing I should have done was drop Screech for Super Fang, which is superior in every way except against some bulky Thundurus. (FO+ Screech+Ice Punch KOs. FO+Super Fang activates Sitrus then doesn’t KO with Ice Punch) But that thought didn’t occur to me until watching Steven Morioka’s Crobat use it in the finals.

The Team

Posted Image
Crobat (ErytngLoud) @ Wacan Berry
Inner Focus
36 HP, 252 Attack, 220 Speed

Brave Bird

With Wacan this Crobat can survive a non-boosted Thunderbolt from anything and usually have enough HP left over to survive using Brave Bird. It also will always survive a Tbolt from Specs Rotom and has a 30% chance to survive a Specs Zapdos. The speed is just enough so that it will always outspeed Weavile. As I said before Screech was the starting point for this team, and while it’s a great move, it should have been Super Fang.

Posted Image
Blastoise (WastdYouth) @ Eject Button
230 HP, 252 Attack, 28 Speed

Fake Out
Ice Punch

The speed EVs were there to outspeed base 80s like Chandelure and Togekiss that were only running 4 Speed. The HP lets it always survive Thunderbolt from non-specs Rotom, and it has a decent chance of surviving Modest 252 Zapdos Tbolts as well. This thing is a natural tank. The Attack EVs allow it to OHKO most Dragons and Flying types with Screech support. The Eject Button has multiple purposes. First, to get another FO later. Second, to shrug off intimidates. Third, to compensate for my hatred of switching.

Posted Image
Mamoswine (Rear View) @ Focus Sash
Thick Fat
4 HP, 252 Attack, 252 Speed

Ice Shard
Icicle Spear

This is an incredibly straightforward Mamoswine set. The only thing I was iffy about was Icicle Spear instead of Icicle Crash. Factoring Crash’s accuracy the 2 moves average almost the exact same base power. I finally decided, after talking with Mr Fox, that the ability to KO through Yache berries and break Substitutes was worth the risk of only hitting twice.

Posted Image
Virizion (WontDoThat) @ Grass Gem
220 HP, 252 Attack, 38 Speed

Leaf Blade
Close Combat

With 38 Speed EVs it outspeeds neutral 252 Togekiss, which is a mon that always gives me trouble. The Grass Gem allows it to OHKO any bulky water as well as Terrakion without taking the defence drops from Close Combat. Safeguard is a move that needs to be on every team, especially in this metagame.

Posted Image
Houndoom (Frying Pan) @ Life Orb
188 Attack, 100 Special Attack, 220 Speed

Sucker Punch

The EVs allowed Houndoom to OHKO Latios with Sucker Punch, OHKO common Metagross spreads with Overheat, and outspeed almost all Hydreigon spreads, bar Timid 252. Unnerve is a great ability that serves this team really well. Allowing Houndoom to ignore Occas and helping the rest of the team around Yaches, Rindos, Chopples and Sitrus berries. More than that, it slowed down teams that wanted to Swagger their own mons with Lum and Persim Berries. Snarl is a great support move and with STAB and Life Orb the damage it deals tends to catch a lot of people off guard.

Posted Image
Cofagrigus (LfeIsALemn) @ Leftovers
252 HP, 252 Defence, 4 Special Defence

Shadow Ball
Trick Room
Calm Mind

Cofagrigus was put on here pretty much just to counter Trick Room and help against Cresselias. At some point though, he became MVP. I could almost always get up 2 Calm Minds and then wall entire teams. Despite most of my team being incredibly fast, setting up Trick Room myself worked better than expected. Blastoise was slow enough to get some use out of it, and Mamoswine and Houndoom had priority. Usually I could set up Trick Room and let Cofagrigus run the show while my other mons bluffed being slow and took turns stalling out TR with my opponents team. Then, when TR was over I have a +2, +2 Mummy and surprise, my other mons were actually faster the whole time.

The Leads

Blastoise + Crobat

This lead let me set up Tailwind without any problems. Finding the right pokémon to fake out with Blastoise was fun part. Sometimes I wanted Blastoise to take a hit, even if it almost kills him, just so I could bring in Mamoswine immediately after Tailwind went up. Other times I’d need Blastoise to stay there so it can Waterfall the next turn, even at the expense of Crobat. A lot of the time I didn’t even need Tailwind, so I could Screech immediately. Screech also worked well at scaring the opponent into switching out.

Blastoise + Cofagrigus

This was my anti-Trick Room lead, and also my Trick Room lead. As I said before, my team is fast but leading with these 2 was a bluff that at least half my team was slow. If I set up Trick Room I only needed it long enough for Cofagrigus to set up. Most of the time I could get him set up and even take out a mon before TR was over. The only real threat was Taunt and Fake Out usually handled that well enough.

Blastoise + Virizion

This was my anti-status lead. Sometimes you absolutely need to get Safeguard up, and these two can do it. Beyond that, they served as my first line of defence against rain teams. They both wall rain fairly well and Blastoise’s FO helps keep Virizion from getting Ice Beamed to death before it can pick of a Politoed or Rotom-W.

Virizion + Houndoom

Straight-up dawg time. With Unnerve active, Virizion can take out Tyranitars, Politoeds, and Gastrodons that kill Houndoom without a thought. Likewise Houndoom can destroy Latios’s and Metagross’s looking to maul Virizion. The combined coverage of these 2 is completely unresisted, and Snarl support only adds to Virizion’s natural bulk.

Virizion + Cofagrigus

Sometimes it looks like Cofagrigus could wall an entire team and win a match solo. Sometimes it looks like it can wall everything except a Tyranitar. Virizion is there to kill Ttars while Cofagrigus sets up Calm Minds. Usually I’ll keep Blastoise in the back, in case they switch out Ttar until they take care of Virizion. Virizion also helps by setting up Safeguard, because Cress always seems to Swagger Cofagrigus before trying to Psychic Virizion.


This team has a lot of moving parts that are hard to keep track of, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner. It’s rain and Trick Room weak. Setting up Trick Room purely as a ruse for the almighty Fastoise isn’t a strategy I would recommend for inexperienced players either. I’ve gotten a reputation for building odd teams, and while this is nowhere near my best, I think it proves that if you know what you’re doing you can win matches using any pokémon (or moves) you want.

#3325 Smash for 3DS Magma Tournament

Posted by The Zero Virus on 24 October 2014 - 11:45 AM





Super Smash Brothers for Nintendo 3DS Tournament

Saturday October 25th 7:00 PM EST / 6:00 CT

Ruleset: No Items, 3 Stock, Omega Stages/Battlefield and Yoshi's Island Only

In the event of a Mirror Match, please refrain from duplicate costumes for the sake of confusion

Matches will be played in a Best of 3 Format


Last Call for Registration 6:45 PM EST / 5:45 PM CT

All competitors must be on SynIRC #teammagma at all times


Comment below to register for the tournament!

  1. TheZeroVirus
  2. Chalkey
  3. BlitznBurst
  4. Greysong
  5. Sableye
  6. CT MikotoMisaka
  7. Ezrael
  8. Cagt3000
  9. 6IV
  10. BSTS
  11. Pokebeys

#3133 VGC Practice Tournament 5/3/14 - WON BY DIMSUN

Posted by Chalkey on 28 April 2014 - 11:44 AM

Oh, whoops, I wonder why number 6 got so big when I posted. I have no idea why that happened.

#3049 XY-Trades

Posted by AraIevent on 11 November 2013 - 07:55 PM

Well lets face it; everyone's scrambling around here and there nabbing as many friend codes for as many friend safaris as they can get so we can build our perfect teams. Some of us have had luck, others not and/or have what someone else is looking for.


And so with that, I'd like to start things off; I'm looking for any Togepi, Hitmons, Reckless Mienfoo, Rough Skin Gible and a Leaf Guard Roselia. And if anybody needs anything, here's what I have available from my breeding frenzy. All have a minimum of 3 max IVs and max of 5.


Ditto - HA Available, 3-IVs
Shroomish - HA Available
Espurr - HA Available
Bunnelby - HA Available
Froakie - HA Available
Noibat - HA Available
Goomy - HA Available



Pichu - HA Available



Fletchling - HA Available

Helioptile - HA Available


Swinub - HA Available

Foongus - HA Available







On a closing note, I highly encourage everyone else to list their throwbacks as well to make it convenient for everyone.

#2712 Gues what dfe stands for!

Posted by dfe on 29 November 2012 - 10:57 PM


#2641 Magma Tourney Scheduled for Sunday, November 18th - Won by Mrbopper!

Posted by Chalkey on 18 November 2012 - 07:41 PM

Thanks for spearheading this one, guys! Here's to many more good hostings by you guys.

Also, lawl you two hosted and somehow got to the finals. Seems legit.

#2556 It's time I stopped lurking(?)

Posted by Lamitie11 on 22 October 2012 - 07:04 PM

Hi! I come from Nuggetbridge / Skarmbliss (at least last year when it was cool, jajaja)
I've been lurking here since I heard about the Lava Pool, (although I had known about Team Magma_ since '11) and I figured it's time I actually signed up.

So IRL my name is Ethan, I'm a Senior, and I play VGC (obviously) although I'm a nob and I suck.
Also, I've never been able to go to an event :<
I'd also like to mention I like to deviate from the Standards for the most part, and play with some off the wall stuff. Like Cotton Guard / Safeguard Altaria. :) My favorite 'mon is Raikou, because it is.

And yes, I will be all over IRC.

#2508 Halloween Wifi Tourney!

Posted by smith on 13 October 2012 - 08:57 AM


#2400 Hi!

Posted by smith on 26 August 2012 - 09:32 PM

Posted Image

#2039 Hidden Gems

Posted by Dr Fidget on 27 January 2012 - 03:46 PM

Hey everyone. As most of you know, I try to test out as many overlooked pokémon as I can by making new teams every week. With regionals drawing close I feel now is the best time to stop testing and start putting that info and experience to work on a serious team. I’ve used nearly 70 pokémon spread across 15 teams and would like to highlight some of the standouts that otherwise get overlooked.

:106: While Hitmontop gets all the attention, in many ways Lee is superior. Getting the Dream Ability Unburden is a huge boon. I ran it with a Normal Gem so all it had to do was Fake Out to double it’s Speed. With 120 base Attack and Close Combat that extra Speed makes Hitmonlee deadly.

:122: I can’t pinpoint why exactly Mr. Mime is so good and I used it on 3 separate teams. It has both Fake Out and Safeguard, so that’s good. But I think if anything it was other players reactions to Mr. Mime. Leading with Mr. Mime and a setup mon, it was Mr. Mime that would always get Taunted, combined with base stats no one knows off the top of their head and it really messes with other players rhythms.

:212: While Scizor is by no means an overlooked pokémon, it’s ability as a supporter is. I used Scizor more than any other pokémon this year, I ran it 5 times on wildly different teams and each with different roles. As a Tailwind setter, a Rain Dance user, a Sunny Day user, and a Safeguard user. It filled all those roles incredibly well.

:234: I’ve said quite a bit here:

:275: Always a good mon to have. It can Fake Out, or fake Fake Out and Tailwind. Can work in both Trick Room and Tailwind, Rain or Sun, and it has STAB Sucker Punch. How can you go wrong?

:313: :314: The Pranksters everyone ignores for some reason. You’d think with them each having access to both priority Thunder Wave and Encore everyone would be trying them. I only used Illumise, but they’re essentially the same only with their Attack and Special Attack swapped.

:342: A full report here:

:378: Regice is still a god. It has more physical bulk than the average Fighting weak pokémon, and the best offencive type in the game. Ice Beam off 100 base attack wrecks a good part of the meta, and with Thunder/bolt it has fantastic coverage. It even gets Thunder Wave to help with it’s low Speed. If that’s not enough it has 200 base Special Defence. Like I said, god.

:462: I used a team with Specs Magnemite online for a while, because I thought it was pretty hilarious. Magnezone is obviously better. Sturdy is just a free Focus Sash, so item choice revolves around how you want to use that  base 130 Special Attack. It’s really hard to screw up with this thing.

:571: I said it last year and I’ll say it again, if you can’t use Zoroark effectively without Illusion you shouldn’t use it at all. Having said that, I think Focus Sash is a stupid item on it. Zoroark has great Speed and great Attack and Speciel Attack, but it falls just short of a few really key OHKOs. With such a diverse move-pool a Life-Orb, Gems, or a Choice item elevate Zoroark from meerly a frail gimmick to a game stealing badass.

Those are the highlights. The full list of pokémon I’ve used since October is here:

So what about everyone else, any hidden gems you’d care to share?

#3317 Smogon/Showdown/X and Y Team Review

Posted by Mente on 19 September 2014 - 03:28 PM

You technically don't have to run hazards to have a successful team. Moreover, you can only have 1 baton pass user on your team in OU rules, so, scolipede is out already with that moveset.


That being said, Ferrothorn and Forretress are some of the best (multi) hazard setters in the game. Ferrothorn is a little better just due to his stat distribution, but, you seem pretty set on using toxic spikes, which he does not have access to.


Forretress can run spikes, toxic spikes, stealth rock AND rapid spin. Quite handy if you want to have a poke dedicated to setting up hazards (though, most people don't run all 3).


Also, have you considered politoad for the drizzle? He's a pretty dynamic pokemon, I wouldn't count him out since you can throw him in and immediately get the rain you were looking for.


Some things to consider~

#3145 Ice Breakers 2.0

Posted by KillerOrcas on 30 April 2014 - 08:56 PM

I'm Edward Siew. I am a cofounder of Today Asia Market.


i'm not advertising.

It's in Northern Carolina. Come visit. I'll give you a discount.

#2972 Hi

Posted by bearsfan092 on 12 May 2013 - 09:59 PM

Hi guys!


I'm bearsfan092!  I really like Pokemon, and my favorite one is Jigglypuff!  I thought Smogon was cool until they said Jigglypuff wasn't OU and I couldn't use her, so I quit and joined here!

#2938 Thundurus or Zapdos

Posted by Pikachu on 30 January 2013 - 12:53 AM

To sum it up, dont use tailwind,
Use Emolga is the best Flying Electric Type biggrin.png

Don't forget fan Rotom! It gets a DOUBLE ground immunity!

#2797 GREET Sayings

Posted by Red Striker on 12 December 2012 - 10:39 PM

Too OP, bro. I think you might've won the thread.


Posted by smith on 09 December 2012 - 09:50 PM

Formally requesting a Chalkey Abe Lincoln avatar

#2642 Magma Tourney Scheduled for Sunday, November 18th - Won by Mrbopper!

Posted by Dr Fidget on 18 November 2012 - 09:39 PM

Thanks for "spearheading" this one, guys! Here's to many more "good" hostings by you guys.

Also, lawl you two "hosted" and somehow got to the finals. Seems legit.

#2577 Blitz's Hibernation

Posted by BlitznBurst on 26 October 2012 - 06:01 AM

It has risen to my attention that the next important Pokemon thing isnt until the spring. Therefore, like last year, i have decided to go back into hibernation. Ive been sucking it up as of lately (okay i havent been doing THAT bad) and have figured out that i need some rest. I will still be helping out 1AznDomination and LilWhtRice, so if they are online and you want to ask me something, ask them. You can also always reach me on my facebook page, or even my twitter. Anyway, thanks for yet another good year Magma. With me top cutting at Nationals yet again, i need to strive to work even harder for my first year of Masters. I am going to rest and hone my skills so that when i come back i will be better than ever. I will attempt to be on for the Halloween tourney, but no promises.

Goodbye all, and I will be most active come January, and then March. See you!


#2458 M64 Weekly VGC Practice Tourney (9/30/12)

Posted by Dr Fidget on 29 September 2012 - 09:33 PM

Hey guys, after this week we’ll be deciding on whether to keep these tourneys on Sunday or move them back to Saturdays. As for now though same time, same place. Sunday 11:00 a.m. EST on the teammagma IRC channel. Regionals are coming on fast so get your practice in now!

#243 Magma Friend Codes (Updated for BW2!)

Posted by Chalkey on 28 August 2010 - 03:13 PM

Reply here with your FCs so that tournaments run smoother in the future. We can refer to this list rather than having everyone ask everyone else for their codes.

As the list gets longer, I'm going to keep modifying the first post so we don't have to keep scrolling down to find one person.




4th Generation