First Time Here?

If you clicked this link, you might have heard of us from a tournament, or maybe just don’t know what there is to do around here. Hopefully, this page will give a very quick introduction to some of the content we have on our site.

Below are some of our website’s usual attractions:



One of our favorite ways to keep in touch with each other, of course, is battling – why else would we be here if we didn’t like the VGC? Most Saturdays, at 8:15 PST/11:15 EST, we have live wifi VGC practice tournaments via our IRC channel, and we also have gimmicky tournaments periodically throughout the year, like our annual holiday themed tournament or civil wars. Show up early to guarantee your spot – we try to start as close to the start time as possible!

The Lava Pool

The Lava Pool is a podcast put on by our very own Sam Haarsma, focused on discussing the recent events of the VGC, such as metagame trends and upcoming tournaments. Typically a few Magmas join the podcast each week to discuss with him, so keep an eye out for those active in the community – they’ll probably also share their voices here.

Unprofessional Pokemon

Unprofessional Pokemon is a live-streamted show that Sam, Gabby and Chalkey host in which we talk about the new metagame, but also bring back classic pokemon games from the past. On one camera, you’ll see us playing the game of choice, and on the other you’ll see us reacting and discussing the game. We’ve also been known to play multiple games at once, with each screen up (for example, playing Pokemon Snap in one screen while having X/Y battles in another).

To watch it live, tune in at our Twitch channel, on Fridays!

Pokemon Trainers as People

PTAP is an ongoing column by Chalkey Horenstein, in which he sits down with the respectable players of the community and interviews them on life outside of pokemon. Readers are drawn in by names they know and like, and leave getting to know that person a little more, and in the best cases getting to know a new hobby or life experience that they themselves may want to try as well. We’re all worth much more than our final rankings each season, and this is a good way to show that.

Examples of past PTAPs include discussion of fatherhood, stained glass, ultimate frisbee, personal fitness, and backpacking across Europe.

Other writing and videos

In addition to the above regular publications, from time to time we’ll also have editorials written by the staff (or other semi-regular columns, such as Sam’s “What You’re Missing“), or videos on our YouTube channel. Finals videos for our practice tournaments typically end up online, so feel free to watch those to get a few ideas.


We don’t just play pokemon together – we also exercise together. Click here to see our group’s Fitocracy page, where we track, compare, and promote each others’ workout routines. Every now and again we have competitions there too, so keep checking back!


For a long time, we were just a community on a group forum, discussing pokemon and other things. These days, the forums are the main place to go to talk about upcoming tournaments, VGC or otherwise, and they’re also just a good way to get in touch with the community! Additionally, Chalkey has a thread for communal RNGs if you’re looking for some pokemon to finish that team you’re working on. We also have an IRC channel that we use fairly frequently to chat with each other – for both, just make sure you follow the rules so everyone can have a safe and friendly time.