The Lava Pool: Blister in the Sun


We finally catch up to the metagame that won’t slow down. This week Sam, Toler, Oliver, and Gabby try and process the vast array of teams from regionals, paying for online tournaments and content, and if it’s even possible to tier Pokemon.

0:00:20 Intro, sandwiches.
0:05:40 Pokemon Bank.
0:08:10 Regional and metagame tangents.
0:13:00 Tiers.
0:24:00 AFK and more metagame stuff.
0:36:40 Melborne win a trip.
0:42:45 Oliver vs Sam in Dallas.
0:46:10 Question #1, Celesteela.
0:49:50 Q2, Underrated Pokemon and the next big thing.
0:57:30 Q3, Paid content.
1:01:20 Q4, Tapu Bulu.
1:03:30 Q5, Teambuilding


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Sam is host, producer, and editor of The Lava Pool. He also writes articles and serves as an Administrator for Team Magma. His favorite pizza toppings are sausage, banana peppers, and tomato.